Import P&ID Data Dialog Box

You can import P&ID data and assign tag schemes in the Import P&ID Data dialog box.

You can import P&ID data from an xml file. To create a P&ID data file, you can use the sample P&ID xml file as a guide. You can find the sample file in \SOLIDWORKS\SOLIDWORKS 2011\design library\routing\piping\pnid sample version.xml located under C:\ProgramData or C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data, depending on your operating system.

To open the Import P&ID Data dialog box, from the Piping and Instrumentation tab, click Import.

To access the Piping and Instrumentation tab:
  1. Create and save a new assembly without closing it, or open an existing assembly.
  2. From the Task Pane, select the Piping and Instrumentation tab.

P&ID data file

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Tag scheme

Defines the tag scheme for the P&ID file data. n

Tags identify the routing equipment, pipe systems, tube systems, or fittings according to a scheme provided by you or by a third party.
You can define tag schemes from the Tag Scheme Manager tab of the Routing Library Manager.
Allow tag scheme to override P&ID data Specifies sizes of connecting pipelines from tag values rather than from the pipe sizes specified in the connecting components. You specify pipe size of a connecting routing component in the component connection point definition. When a component has multiple connection points, values for the FromEquipPort or ToEquipPort elements are also used to identify the component size.


Imports the P&ID data to the Piping and Instrumentation tab.