Viewing Problem Mates

You can display a list of all the problem mates in an assembly. Select mates from the list to display mate callouts.

To display a list of problem mates:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Right-click any component containing a problem mate and click View Mate Errors.
    • Click the mate status (fm_exclamation_point.png Over Defined or No Solution Found) in the status bar.
    The View Mate Errors window appears. In the graphics area, components involved in the problem mates are slightly transparent. Components not involved are hidden.
  2. In the window:
    1. Move the pointer over a mate.
      A tooltip describes the mate warning or error. The mate geometry highlights in the graphics area.
    2. Select one or more mates.
      Callouts appear for the selected mates. Each mate has one callout, with leaders pointing to the mated entities.