Viewing Mates

You can display a list of the mates for one or more components in an assembly. Select mates from the list to display mate callouts.

To view mates:

  1. Select components based on the mates you want to view:
    Mates to view Component selection
    Mates for one component of the assembly or one component of a subassembly Right-click the component.
    Mates for more than one component Hold down Ctrl, click the components, and then right-click.
    Mates that hold a subassembly in place within the assembly Right-click the subassembly in the FeatureManager design tree.
  2. Click View Mates .
    The View Mates window appears. In the graphics area, components involved in the mate system for the selected components are slightly transparent. Components not involved are hidden.
  3. In the View Mates window, select one or more mates.
    Callouts appear for the selected mates. Each mate has one callout, with leaders pointing to the mated entities.