PlasticsManager Tree

Usability is improved for the PlasticsManager tree.

  • The PlasticsManager tree displays the simulation type under the study node to provide more clarity on the active analysis module (Fill, Pack, Cool, and Warp).
  • Modeling features and boundary conditions are filtered based on the simulation type to provide a simulation-centric user experience.
  • You can run a simulation without explicitly creating a mesh if you have defined an injection unit and injection location. SOLIDWORKS Plastics automatically generates a mesh before the start of the simulation.
  • You can delete the mesh from the Solid Mesh (or Shell Mesh) node of the PlasticsManager tree. Right-click Solid Mesh, and click Delete Mesh.
  • The Results node becomes visible after you create a mesh.
  • You can right-click the top study node and click Run to run a simulation.
  • You can right-click Results to access these features:
    • Summary and Report
    • Clipping Plane Settings
    • Isosurface Manager
    • Path Line
    • Export
    • Remove All Results
  • You can delete the results for a specific analysis module. For example, right-click Fill Results and click Remove Results. In previous releases, only Remove All Results was available.
  • The term Fill replaces the term Flow in all user interface instances to match conventional industry terminology.