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Numbering group properties

Menu : Electrical project > Configurations > Wire styles... > Properties

Dockable panel > Contextual menu of the electrical project: Configurations > Wire styles... > Properties

Drawing wire > [...] > [Management] > Properties


In the Wire style management, the group properties are accessible through the contextual menu of the group. You can also select the group and click on the Properties icon.


Wires are grouped within a numbering group, so that all wires that are part of the group use the same counter. This ensures numbering continuity in the wires, even if they are different wire types.


The first setting is the number of the group. This number cannot be changed. Every group is associated with an automatically-incremented counter. This ensures that two wires in a numbering group can never have the same number applied.


You can enter a description to the group in all languages managed by the software.

Wire numbering options

Numbering active: Activates or deactivates wire numbering in the group.  

Deactivate this option, and none of the wires in the group will be numbered.

Start numbering at: Defines the first wire number for the group.  

If you input the value 100, the first wire will be numbered 100, the second 101, and so on.

Marks unique by: Manages the level of uniqueness of the wire marks. If you set the level of uniqueness to Electrical project, the counter will take effect across the whole electrical project. If you set it to Book, the counter restarts at the value of the Start numbering at parameter each time a change of book occurs. The location for an equipotential is given by its first segment, as for other information, like the origin component. If there is an origin component, the equipotential location is the location of the component, otherwise, it is the location of the file where this segment is drawn (or location outline if it starts in a location outline).

Calculation of multiple wires order number

Defines the wire numbering mode for multiple wires in the group.

Different for each wire option will assign a different number for every wire conductor;

Common for the different wires option will assign the same number for all wire conductors. In this mode, we recommend adding a prefix to the numbering formula. Otherwise, all wire conductors will have the same value.

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