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Paste Special

Menu: Edit > Paste special

Contextual menu of graphical elements: Paste special

Contextual menu of the electrical project, a book, a folder or drawings: Paste special


Like the Paste command, the Paste Special command is used to insert objects from the SOLIDWORKS Electrical clipboard. It is available at various places in the software and the type of object inserted depends on the environment in which the command was launched.

The Paste special interface also opens when you insert a macro.

A dialog box opens allowing you to either create new marks or keep the existing marks.

Remember that identical marks are automatically associated except if one is an Automatic mark and the other is a Manual mark.

Options for pasting tab

The dialog box displays all objects contained in the clipboard. On each object type, select the desired action.

Object type: The list of the different objects contained in the clipboard.

Object count: Number of objects found.


All the actions listed below are actions by default for all the categories of elements. You can individually change them in the other tabs.

Create new mark: The mark of the pasted element will be automatically recalculated according to the existing elements.

Keep existing mark: The mark is the same in the copied element and the pasted element.

Remove number: This action is specific for the equipotential numbers. It allows you to recalculate them.

Keep existing number: This action is specific for the equipotential numbers. It allows you to keep them. In electrical scheme, you cannot have several wires that are not connected having the same equipotential number. Keep the same number can generate duplicated numbers. In this case, the first equipotential number is set in "Auto" and the others, in "Manual".


Select in the list, the action you want (Create new mark or Keep existing mark). Note that on certain objects, actions are disabled. Each individual object settings can be changed in the other tabs. New marks are not calculated, they will be when you will click Finish button.


Reset manual mark: Only Automatic marks are used by the Paste special command. If you also want to manage the Manual marks, check the Reset manual mark box.


If you had managed the other tabs and you change an option in the Option for pasting tab, a dialog box opens to confirm your choice (you can lose the settings you have done).

Object tabs

The dialog box displays several tabs corresponding to the copied objects. In each tab, you can individually manage the object mark.


Associate: The copied object is associated with an existing object. Except for the components, a selector opens allowing you to select the object. Concerning the symbols, the Search management opens allowing you to find an existing component.

Rename: Opens a dialog box allowing you to change the mark. The new mark is created as a Manual mark.

New mark: If you select Keep existing mark in the first tab, you can enter a new mark on each object.

List mode: Displays the element in a list.

Tree mode: Displays the elements in a tree view.


These commands are also available in the contextual menu of each object.

A search feature allows you to find an existing mark. Enter the mark and click the arrows to find it.


A color code allows you to identify the mark status.

Green: New automatic mark.

Orange: Associated with an existing mark.

Blue: New and renamed mark.

Ready to paste tab

The last tab displays the result corresponding to the previous options.


1.     Click Finish button to launch the copy.


New marks are automatically calculated according to the existing marks.

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