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Import Data

SOLIDWORKS Electrical has a feature allowing you to import from Excel files or text files for integration into an electrical project.


Menu: Import/Export > Import Data


When the command is launched, a dialog asks you to select the type of files (text or Excel files) and the file to be imported.

Step 1. Select data source

File or data source

Click this icon and select the Excel file containing the data you want to import.

Click this icon and select the text file containing the data you want to import.


Save in the import configuration: You can save the settings in the configuration file to reuse it for another import.

Import configuration

You can select an import configuration (all settings used during a previous import). A configuration file is saved in the last step of the data import.


On the right of the wizard, a preview area displays the data. If you import data stored in an XLS file, you can have tabs corresponding to the different XLS sheets. You can use the wizard several times to imports all sheets contained in the XLS file.

Step 2. Definition of a data range

The second part of the wizard manages data definition.

Current step

Data range: Select the range of data (an Excel file can contain multiple sheets).

Description: Enter a description or click the [...] button to enter a description in all languages supported by SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

Data type: Checks boxes corresponding to the data type you want to import.

Steps list

The Steps list displays the list of different steps for the data import. To import several ranges, go to the last step of the wizard and click the Add a data range button in Step 5 (Data comparison - differential report) to create a new data range.

Step 3. Title rows

To not import the column headings, select the number of rows including the title and the number of lines to be displayed.

Title rows

Number of title rows: Enter the number of lines corresponding to the header of the column.

Title row to display: Select the row number containing the name of the data type.

Step 4. Field definition

This step of the wizard allows you to organize the file data and the data managed by SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

Description: Select the data type and, using drag and drop, drag it to the right column to create a correspondence.

Associate data

Select the option and associate it to the column number or the column title.


Assign a class to components using mark: When an element has a mark with a root, SOLIDWORKS Electrical can automatically set the class associated with this root.

Remove association: Select the column where you want to delete the association and click the button.

Step 5. Data comparison - differential report

The last step of the wizard allows you to test the import (Compare button) before carrying out the import. A report file opens, displaying the list of operations carried out.


Add a data range: Used with an XLS file containing two or more sheets. You can have as many ranges as you want, for example, one to import cable references and a second to import components. If you add a new range, you must return to the first step to configure it.

Processing data

Compare: Before importing data, you can use the Compare button to test the import. A report opens to display the result.

Import: After the test, you can click the Import button to update the electrical project database with the imported data.

Save settings to an import configuration: You can save the import settings in a configuration file. This file can be used for another import.


Click the Finish button to exit the wizard.

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