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Managing wire styles

Menu: Electrical project > Configurations > Wire styles...

Dockable panel > Contextual menu of the electrical project: Configurations > Wire styles...

Draw wire > [...] > [Management]


In the Wire style management, you can add new types of electrical wire or modify an existing type of wire.


The left part of the dialog box shows the list of wire groups, the right part shows the parameters of the different wires available.

The wires belong to a Numbering group. This is used when numbering the wires, as they will share the same counter.

There are two types of electrical wire:

  • The command wires are generally used to draw single wires.


The Configuration icon allows you to select the columns displayed in the right part of the dialog box.

Managing Groups

Deactivate a numbering group

You can deactivate a numbering group. This will be excluded when numbering wires. A checkbox in front of the name of the group indicates its state (box checked = group activated ).

Use the numbering group contextual menu to select the option you prefer.

Add a new numbering group

To add a new numbering group, click the Add a numbering group icon in the main menu. The group is automatically added after the others. Note that this new group already has a new type of wire (a group cannot exist without containing connections).

Delete a numbering group

To delete a numbering group, select it and click the Delete icon. The delete command is also available in the contextual menu of the numbering group. When a numbering group is deleted, all the wires contained in this group are automatically deleted except if they are used in schematic drawings.

Managing Wires and Conductors

Add wire(s)


There are two ways to add wires: the Add and/or Multiple add icons according to the type of wire you want to create/add, or you can use the contextual drop-down menu from the Numbering group.

The new wire is automatically added at the end of the list, in the selected numbering group.

You can use the Copy, Paste and Paste special commands to duplicate an existing wire style to create a new one. Pasting a wire style on the electrical project level creates automatically a new wire style in a new group.

The Copy/Paste/Paste special features can be used to copy wire definitions from an electrical project to another one.

Add conductors to a wire type

You can add conductors to an existing wire type via the contextual menu of the wires and select the Add a wire to a wire style option.

Up / Down


Two icons in the form of arrows allow you to organize the conductors (move them up or down).

Delete a wire style

To delete a wire style, select it and click the Delete icon or select the Delete option from the contextual menu by right-clicking the wire style you want to remove. A wire style can be deleted only if it is not currently used in a schematic.

Delete a conductor

To delete a conductor, select it and click the Delete icon, or select the Delete option in the drop-down menu for the conductor. A conductor can be deleted only if the wire type is not used in a drawing or schematic.

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