Buckling Analysis Options

Use the Buckling dialog box to specify the required options for the active buckling study. You can also include flow and thermal effects in the study.


Number of buckling modes Specifies the number of buckling modes that the solver calculates. The program calculates the buckling safety factors and the associated buckling modes.


Specifies the solver to perform buckling analysis.

Automatic Solver Selection The software selects the best equation solver (Intel Direct Sparse or FFEPlus Iterative) based on:
  • Number of modes
  • Number of equations
  • Load cases
  • Mesh Type
  • Geometric features
  • Contact and connector features
Direct sparse Uses the Mode Extraction Routine powered by the Direct Sparse solver to perform buckling analysis.

Use soft spring to stabilize model

Adds soft springs to stabilize inadequately supported models. See Use Soft Spring to Stabilize Model

FFEPlus Uses the FFEPlus iterative solver to perform buckling analysis.
Results folder Lets you specify the directory to store the simulation results folder.