Manage Shell Groups

With the Manage Shell Group dialog box, you can create shell group objects. All shells assigned to a group have the same formulation (thick or thin), material, and thickness.

To open the Manage Shell Groups dialog box, in the Shell Manager PropertyManager:

  • Under Grouping (Optional), select Manage Groups, or
  • Under the Group column, click the down arrow in the same row of the shell you want to assign to a group, and select Manage Groups.


  Name field Enter a name for the shell group.
Adds the new shell group to the list.
Removes the selected shell group from the list.
  Shell Category Assigns thin or thick shell formulation to the shell group.
Select Material Applies material to the shell group.
Thickness Specifies the thickness for the shell group.
Unit Specifies the thickness units for the shell group.
  • All shells assigned to the same shell group must have identical properties. When you edit a property of a shell group, the changes propagate to all shells assigned to the group.