Hole Table Column PropertyManager

Specify the columns to be included in a hole table and their position in the table.

Hole Table Column Properties

For the selected column, choose one of the column types and edit header title in the Title field.

Column Type Default Hole Table Column Heading (Title field)
X. XLoc
Y. YLoc
Hole Tag
Quantity Quantity
Size Size

Adding a New Column to a Hole Table

Right-click in a table column and select Insert > Column Right or Column Left.
You cannot add columns from within the PropertyManager.

Deleting a Column from a Hole Table

Right-click in a table column and click Delete > Column.

Editing Hole Table Column Properties

  1. Click at the head of a column when the pointer changes to pointer_Table_Column.gif.
  2. Specify the column properties, then click PM_OK.gif.

Inserting Text in a Table

  1. Double-click a cell.
  2. Type text.
  3. Click outside the table.