Pro/ENGINEER and Creo Parametric Files

The Pro/E & Creo to SOLIDWORKS Converter imports and exports Pro/ENGINEER® and Creo Parametric files, including PTC Creo 8.0 files.

Pro/E and Creo accept only ASCII characters in their file names. When you save a SOLIDWORKS document as a Pro/E or Creo file, any non-ASCII characters are replaced by an underscore (_).

Importing Pro/ENGINEER and Creo Parametric Files into SOLIDWORKS

The Pro/E & Creo to SOLIDWORKS Converter imports Pro/ENGINEER part or Creo Parametric assembly files as SOLIDWORKS part or assembly documents. The attributes, features, sketches, and dimensions of the Pro/E or Creo part are imported. If all of the features in the file are not supported, you can choose to import the file as either a solid body or a surface model. The Pro/E & Creo to SOLIDWORKS Converter supports import of free curves, wireframes, and surface data.

When importing an assembly, you can control how to import individual components. Subassemblies are supported as well.

To import assembly constraints, select Import component constraints in the Pro/E & Creo to SOLIDWORKS Converter dialog box. Pro/E and Creo constraints are translated into SOLIDWORKS assembly mates. All the basic mate types, plus Pro/ENGINEER Point on Surface, Point on Edge, and Edge on Surface constraints are supported. Pro/E and Creo high level motion constraints such as Gear mates and non-default refplanes, refpoints, and refaxes are not supported.

If a model uses Pro/E or Creo family table instances, the XPR and XAS accelerator instance files must be included for correct results.

You can import Pro/E or Creo surface-trim and surface-extend features into SOLIDWORKS. These features are read in from the Pro/E or Creo file and mapped to SOLIDWORKS.

Version information - Pro/ENGINEER 16 through Wildfire 5, Creo/Elements Pro 5.0, and Creo 1.0 through 8.0 are supported. Import of assembly features is not supported.

Exporting SOLIDWORKS Documents as Pro/ENGINEER and Creo Parametric Files

The Pro/E & Creo to SOLIDWORKS Converter exports part or assembly documents as ProE/Creo part or assembly files. SOLIDWORKS exports solids and surfaces only, not feature data.

Version information - The exported files are saved as Pro/ENGINEER version 20 files.