Assemblies Saved as Parts Export Options

To specify the export options:

  1. Click Tools > Options > System Options > Export.
  2. For File Format, select SLDPRT from assembly.
  3. Specify the following options, and click OK.

Specified components


Visibility threshold (internal components)

Removes components that are below the visibility threshold.

Move the slider to the right to decrease the threshold for the internal components to be visible.

Bounding box volume less than

Removes components that are below the volume threshold.

This bounding box is a cuboid that aligns to the component origin and fits around the geometry of the component. This bounding box is different from a bounding box created by the Bounding Box PropertyManager.

Fastener Components

Removes components that have the IsFastener property specified as 1.


Mass properties

Overrides the mass properties of the part with the mass properties from the assembly.