Step Files (*.step)

The STEP translator supports import and export of body, face and curve colors of STEP AP214 files. The STEP AP203 standard does not have any color implementation.


The STEP translator imports:
  • STEP files as SOLIDWORKS part or assembly documents.
  • Body geometry, body, face, and curve colors, and topology information from an AP214 STEP file.
  • Wireframe geometry from STEP AP203 and AP214 files.
  • STEP configuration data. You have the option to import this data by selecting the Map configuration data check box under STEP in the Import Options dialog box


  • The STEP translator exports SOLIDWORKS part or assembly documents to STEP files.
  • You can select to export individual parts or subassemblies from an assembly tree, limiting export to only those parts or subassemblies. If you select a subassembly, all of its components are automatically selected. If you select a component, its ascendants are partially selected, preserving the assembly structure.
  • SOLIDWORKS supports exporting the unit of length of a part or assembly document to a STEP AP203 or AP214 file.
  • You can set export options in the STEP Export Options dialog box.