Adding Item Links

You can link any number of items to a parent item to create item structure.

If you generate an item from an assembly, item structure is created automatically. See Creating Items from Files.

To create links to items:

  1. Optionally, check out the parent item.

    Item Explorer automatically checks out the parent item if needed.

  2. Do either:
    • Drag an item onto the parent item.
    • Copy or Cut an item and Paste it on the parent item.
    Because items always appear as independent items in exactly one item folder. using Cut and Copy to create an item link has the same behavior.
    You can link to older (non-latest) versions of items. Use Get Version to retrieve the item version you want to link to before dragging it onto the parent item. During check-in, choose to link to the local version.
  3. Check in the parent item.