Deleting a Local Vault View

You can delete a local vault view when you no longer need to access it. When you delete a local view, the actual vault is not deleted.

  1. Log in to the vault so that SOLIDWORKS PDM can determine if you have items checked out.
  2. Check in items from the local view to save your most recent changes to the vault.
  3. From Windows File Explorer, right-click the local vault view folder and select Delete File Vault View.
  4. In the Delete View dialog box, select one:
    • Leave the local contents of the file vault view as normal files and folders
    • Delete the cached file vault files and folders from the local hard disk

    Items do not have physical files, but files linked to items or files you have managed with SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer might be cached.

  5. Click Delete.

    If you selected the option to delete cached files and folders, click Yes.