Manual CMM Data Import

You can manually enter measurements results into the CMM report as a comment line, then automatically import them into CMM Data Import. This way, you can enter manual results directly into the CMM output file or enter the manual results directly into Measurements Input.

There are two formats to choose from.

Format 1

.ME Axis marker,Nominal Value,+Tolerance Value,-Tolerance Value,Results

You define the M.E. Axis marker and Delimiter in Text Markers settings.

Format 2

This format is based on the manual entry from CMM requirements for PPAP Creator.

[item ID, ME, measurement note, specification note, nominal, +tol, -tol, actual]

You define the beginning marker, blueprint word, M.E. Axis, and End of file markers in Text Markers settings.

For example: [ITEM 6,ME,,2 PLACES,2.00,0.5,0.5,2.03,2.18].
Location Description
1 Identifies the item (balloon) number from the drawing. You must identify this with the word "item" (such as Item 12), or the word you defined in Text Markers settings as a blueprint identification marker.
2 Identifies the item as a manual entry (ME).
3 (Optional.) Identifies notes to include in the report for the measurement results.
4 (Optional.) Identifies notes to include regarding the specification and GD&T feature control frames.
5 (Optional.) Identifies the nominal, and is reported in the specification column. The value must be numeric.
6 (Optional.) Identifies the plus tolerance. Enter the value only, not the + sign. The value must be numeric.
7 (Optional.) Identifies the minus tolerance. Enter the value only, not the + sign. The value must be numeric.
8 (and subsequent locations) (Optional.) Identifies the actual value. Enter as many actual results as required (for example, if you take readings in three places, enter all three results). Separate actual results by commas. The values must be numeric.