CMM Data Import Pane

To access this pane, click Options > Application Options > General. Under Add-ins, select Measurements Input and CMM Data Import.

The CMM Data Import pane opens on the right side of the SOLIDWORKS Inspection window.

Add Files Loads a CMM template or results into the drawing.

You can import multiple CMM Data Import files.

Remove Files Removes one or more CMM Data Import files.
Unassign CMM Results Removes all assignments and data from the drawing.
  Auto Assign  
Hide Feature Groups Shows or hides feature groups in the CMM Data Import pane.
Expand/Collapse Grouping Expands or collapses feature groups. Click twice to collapse the data two levels. Click three times to expand the data
Anchor Specification Columns Fixes the specification columns in place so you can horizontally scroll to see the File section of the CMM Data Import pane.

Click Float Specification Columns to horizontally scroll through all columns in the CMM Data Import pane.

Filter Bar Displays a filter column in the CMM Data Import pane.

Type a value in a filter row.

  Toggle Filter  
  Settings Opens the Settings dialog box where you can select a template and specify options in the CMM Template Editor.
Show Warning Messages Displays warning messages.
  Data Reconciliation