Using CMM Data Import

You can import CMM Data Import template files into a drawing. The file opens in the CMM Data Import pane, where you can specify options.

To use CMM Data Import:

  1. Turn on CMM Data Import options:
    1. In Options > Application Options > General, under Add-ins, select Measurements Input and CMM Data Import.
      The CMM Data Import pane opens on the right side of the SOLIDWORKS Inspection window.
    2. Specify CMM Data Import Settings settings.
  2. Load a CMM Data Import template:
    1. In the CMM Data Import pane, click Settings .
    2. In the Settings dialog box, under Template Control, select a CMM file type and click Open .
    3. In the Import CMM Template dialog box, open a template.
  3. Assign CMM values to the drawing balloons:
    1. In the CMM Data Import pane, click Auto Assign .
    2. In Filter By, select how to assign the data and click .
      Auto Assign identifies a balloon number in the Item column and lines up the balloon numbers in the inspection drawing. The comparison is displayed on the drawing file, in the CMM Data Import pane, and in the Measurements Input table. Measurements Input and the drawing indicate whether the measurements are in or out of tolerance using specified colors.

      Auto Assign only works if there is an item number in the Item column of the CMM Data Import pane. The item numbers are assigned to a row in the CMM Data Import pane.

      If there is no Item number in the column, in the Table Manager, on the Bill of Material tab, right-click a row and click Find CMM Results, which uses the default filter settings.

  4. In the CMM Data Import pane, right-click the value displayed and click Assign results to the selected characteristics.
    A row is added to the Measurements Input table.
  5. In the Measurements Input table, on the row you added, click the down arrow.
  6. In the Value dialog box:
    1. Click .
    2. Click the down arrow and select a value.