Spline PropertyManager

To open the Spline PropertyManager, do one of the following:

  • Create a new spline. The PropertyManager appears when you double-click to complete the spline.
  • Select an existing spline.

Existing Relations

PM_relations_existing.gif Relations Displays relations inferenced automatically during sketching or created manually with Add Relations. When you select a relation in the list, a callout is highlighted in the graphics area.
PM_information.gif Information Displays the status of the selected sketch entity (Fully Defined, Under Defined, and so on).

Add Relations

You can add relations between spline points, between spline handles, and between spline handles and external sketch entities. Selections appear when the relevant geometry exists in the sketch.

Tangency radial direction is constrained:


  For construction Converts the entity to construction geometry.
  Show Curvature Displays the Curvature Scale PropertyManager and adds curvature combs to the spline.


  Maintain Internal Continuity Maintains the spline's internal curvature.

When Maintain Internal Continuity is cleared, the curvature scales down abruptly.


When Maintain Internal Continuity is selected, the curvature scales down gradually.


The following options are available only with splines that include curvature handles at each end. The default is Standard.
  Raised degree Raises or lowers the degree of the spline. You can also adjust the degrees by dragging the handles.
  Standard Displays when you first create the spline or if Raised degree is cleared.
spline_2point_standard.gif spline_2point_raised_degree.gif
Standard Raised degree


Specify any appropriate combination of the following parameters to define the spline if the spline is not constrained by relations.

PM_Spline_Point.gif Spline Point Number Highlights the selected spline point in the graphics area.
PM_Start_X_Coordinate_Spline.gif X Coordinate Specifies the x coordinate of the spline point.
PM_Start_Y_Coordinate_Spline.gif Y Coordinate Specifies the y coordinate of the spline point.
PM_Radius_of_curvature.gif Radius of Curvature Controls the radius of curvature at any spline point. Radius of Curvature appears only if you select Add Curvature Control Tool_Add_Curvature_Control_Spline_Tools.gif from the Spline Tools toolbar or the shortcut menu, and add a curvature pointer to the spline.
Curvature Displays the degree of curvature at point where curvature control was added. Curvature appears only if you add a curvature pointer to the spline.
PM_Tangent_Magnitude_1.gif Tangent Weighting1 Controls the left tangency vector by modifying the spline’s curvature at the spline point.
PM_Tangent_Magnitude_2.gif Tangent Weighting 2 Controls the right tangency vector by modifying the spline’s curvature at the spline point.
PM_Tangent_Radial_Direction.gif Tangent Radial Direction Controls the tangency direction by modifying the spline’s angle of inclination relative to the X, Y, or Z axis.
PM_Tangent_Polar_Direction.gif Tangent Polar Direction Controls the elevation angle of the tangent vector with respect to a plane placed at a point perpendicular to a spline point.
You can also dimension to spline handles.
  Tangent Driving Enables spline control using Tangent Weighting and Tangent Radial Direction.
  Reset This Handle Returns the selected spline handle to its initial state.
  Reset All Handles Returns all spline handles to their initial state.
  Relax Spline When you first sketch a spline and display the control polygon, you can drag any node on the control polygon to change its shape. If dragging results in a spline that is not smooth, you can re-select the spline to display the PropertyManager and click Relax Spline under Parameters to re-parameterize (smooth) the shape. The Relax Spline command becomes available again by dragging a node on the control polygon.
  Proportional Retains the spline shape when you drag an endpoint; the entire spline resizes proportionally.