Spline Handles

A spline handle includes multiple handle types to control the weight and direction (vector) of the spline at that point.

You can control weight and direction:
  • Individually or together
  • Asymmetrically: one side only
  • Symmetrically: both sides together


Handle colors indicate the status of the operation.
Handles Status Results - the handle:
splines_control04a.gif spline_handle_grey-arrow.gif spline_handle_grey-diamond.gif Inactive is not selected.
splines_control04b.gif spline_handle_lt-blue-arrow.gif spline_handle_lt-blue-diamond.gif Selected was selected, but no motion has occurred.
Active was moved, and the operation is still in process.
splines_control04c.gif spline_handle_blue-arrow.gif spline_handle_blue-diamond.gif Activated was moved and the operation is at rest in its new position.
splines_control04d.gif spline_handle_black-arrow.gif spline_handle_black-diamond.gif Constrained includes constraining dimensions or relations.