Generic Spline PropertyManager

The Generic Spline PropertyManager controls the geometry of the generic spline.

To open the Generic Spline PropertyManager:
  1. Apply the Convert Entities , Offset Entities , or the Intersect Curve tools on a spline by creating a reference plane.
  2. Click the resultant spline.

Existing Relations

Relations Displays relations inferenced automatically during sketching or created manually with Add Relations.
Information Displays the status of the selected sketch entity (Fully Defined or Under Defined.

Add Relations

Fix Adds relations to the selected entity. The list includes only relations that are relevant for the selected entity.


For construction Converts the entities to construction geometry.
Show curvature Adjusts the style spline curvature.
Show Control Polygon Displays control polygons on the spline.
Control Vertices Displays the total number of control vertices on the spline when you select Show Control Polygon.


Non-rational Spline Creates nonrational splines on which you cannot control the vertices.
Rational Spline Creates rational splines that you can control using the Control Vertex Weight option.
Spline Point Number Edits the selection of the spline control vertex when you enter a value or use the toggle button.
X Coordinate
Y Coordinate
Control Vertex Weight (Rational splines only) Shapes the spline by increasing or decreasing the weight of the control vertex.
Control Vertex Weight = 1
Control Vertex Weight = 5