Advanced Animation Controls

These are the advanced animation controls.

Decrease Playback Speed and Increase Playback Speed Sets the animation speed. The number followed by an x indicates the relative rate of playback of the animation .
This only affects the realtime playback speed. The rendered output speed is governed by the set Frames per Second.
  • 1.0x indicates playback as defined in Frames per Second.
  • 0.5x indicates playback at half the rate defined in Frames per Second.
  • 2.0x indicates playback at double the rate defined in Frames per Second.
Auto Keyframing Turns auto keyframing on and off.

By adding keyframes to an animation, you can add values like the position of a model or the color of an appearance at a specific point in the timeline.

With auto keyframing selected, the keyframes are automatically generated at the current time (indicated by a yellow pointer on the timeline.)

When auto keyframing is cleared, you must manually add the keyframes. Right-click a selection in the Viewport and click Add Keyframe.

Auto-Fit to Last Frame Locks the red end flag in the timeline to the last keyframe of the longest animation in the project.
Toggle Timeline Workspace Displays orange flags that you can drag to the start and end times of the animation.

This lets you define a sub-sequence of the animation that you can loop through without running the whole animation.

Frames per Second (FPS) Sets the realtime and rendered playback frame rate.