Animation Properties

Animation Properties appear to the right of the animation timeline when you right-click an animation in the animation list and click Edit Animation(s).

Animation Ribbon

Name Displays the animation name.
Loop Sets the looping behavior:
  • Stops after one loop of animation.
  • Repeats animation loop indefinitely.
  • Repeats animation from an offset point in space, so the animated objects shift in space with each loop.
  • Loops animation in both directions (start to end, then end to start, and so on).
Loop Time Sets the time when clamped animations return to their starting frames.
Interpolate Using Shortest Distance Forces linear transforms between keyframes (so the animated object moves in the most linear path between keyframes). This feature is selected by default; clear it for rotation animations that span more than 180º.
Enabled Enables or disables playback of the animation and output.
Locked Prevents you from editing the animation.
The Animation ribbon appears for the selected animation in the timeline, if you are in Preview render mode. The color coding of the ribbon shows green when the animation accelerates, yellow when the animation slows, and red when then animation pauses.
Show in Viewport Shows or hides the ribbon.
Thickness Sets the ribbon thickness.
Segment Length Sets the length between bricks in the ribbon.
Toggle Ribbon Orientation Turns on the direction of focus for the object following the ribbon by turning the bricks to arrows.

Rotation animation properties replace Animation ribbon properties when you create a rotation animation.

Axis of Rotation Defines the axis around which to rotate the target object. (This axis is the local axis of the object itself.)
Center of Rotation Specifies the center of rotation via an XYZ coordinate in 3D space.

Changing the center of rotation adjusts the pivot point to the specified center of rotation and causes the rotation animation to occur at an offset.

Rotate Around Focal Point When selected, forces the rotation to emanate from the camera's focal point, which allows the camera to rotate in a circle around what it is focused on.

When cleared, the camera rotates around its own origin, giving the effect that the camera is spinning.

Total Rotation Specifies the total angle of rotation in degrees.
Ease In (Optional.) Lets you specify acceleration/deceleration as the animation approaches the next keyframe.
Ease Out (Optional.) Lets you specify acceleration/deceleration as the animation exits the last keyframe.