Animation List

A list of existing animations is displayed under motion study controls.

If you select an animation track, the animated object highlights in the viewport and Model tab, and vice versa.

Minimize/Restore Timeline Shows or hides the animation list.
Add Lets you:
  • Create New Group. Creates a new group into which you can drag animation tracks.
  • Add to New Group. Adds selected animation tracks into a group.
  • Create New Camera Sequence Animation. Creates a camera switch so you can assign or switch cameras in the animation timeline. The camera automatically switches during animation playback.
Change View Increases (Large List) or decreases (Small List) the animation timeline icons and font.
Change Sort Mode Sorts the animations based on Name, Type, and in an ascending or descending order. You can also filter object types in the animation list by Decals, Environment, and so on.
Search Narrows the animation list when you enter search criteria.
Show/Hide Animation Shows or hides the animation on the timeline. Hidden animations do not play back in realtime and do not render.
Lock Animation Controls whether you can edit the animation.

Editing is allowed when the animation is unlocked and prevented when it is locked .

Show/Hide Animation Ribbon in Viewport Shows or hides the Animation ribbon for the selected animation. For camera animations, the Animation ribbon is visible only if you view the scene through a different camera than the one you are animating.
Animated Object Type Displays a column with an icon representing the animated object type, such as Model , Group , and Part .
  Name Displays animation name. Click the name to change it.
Move to Previous Keyframe Moves the current time forward one keyframe.
Create Keyframe at Current Time Adds a keyframe at the current time.
Move to Next Keyframe Moves the current time backward one keyframe.
  Animation track colors

Assigns colors to the animation tracks depending on the object type. You can change the colors in Animation Properties.