Bonding Interactions

An improved surface-to-surface bonding algorithm enforces bonding interactions for faces that are not facing each other and have no projection area between them.

A pair of faces qualifies for bonding if these conditions apply:
  • The angle between the faces is less than a threshold value.

    If the angle between the faces exceeds the threshold value, the pair of faces does not qualify for bonding.

  • At least one face of the pair is a flat face (selected as Set 1 or Set 2 in the Local Interactions PropertyManager).

    The solver considers the flat face as the target face to enforce bonding. The source face can be either flat or curved.

The enhanced bonding algorithm applies to the surface-to-surface formulation and is available for bonded interaction sets that you define using the Local Interactions PropertyManager. It applies to these studies: linear static, frequency, buckling, linear dynamic studies, and also fatigue and design studies associated with linear static studies.