Cool Module

The Cool analysis module performs heat transfer analysis to obtain the transient temperature distribution occurring within the mold during the injection molding cycle.

The Cool analysis encompasses the mold, the cavity, and the cooling system within the mold. Temperature changes occur slowly compared to the speed at which the cavity fills.

SOLIDWORKS Plastics makes an approximation that allows running the Cool analysis first, separately from the Fill analysis module. It stores the transient temperature results from the Cool analysis in a database for use in subsequent Fill and Pack simulations.

To simplify the problem, you can skip the Cool analysis, and enter mold temperature data as a single uniform value for the entire cavity surface using the Fill Settings PropertyManager. You can also select surfaces and specify their temperature values using the Mold Wall Temperature boundary condition.

Cool Analysis Steps

1 Define the process parameters:
  • Cooling channels geometry
  • Mold dimensions
  • Melt temperature
  • Coolant temperature and Flow rate profile

CAD geometry of a mold, cooling channels, and part
2 Create the mesh and select materials

Surface mesh

3 Run the analysis

Result plot of average mold temperature at the end of cooling