Fill Module

The Fill analysis module predicts how molten plastic material fills a cavity. It accounts for heat transfer between the material and mold during filling, and predicts the changes to viscosity as the material begins to solidify.

Results from a Fill analysis include:
  • Distributions of pressure and temperature within the cavity
  • Detection of potential short shots, weld lines, and air traps
  • Evaluation of melt front temperature to gauge the severity of weld lines
  • Comparison between the shear load and the critical value of the material
  • Fiber orientation analysis of filled materials

By default, the software specifies the Fill process parameters automatically. You can also control how the machine injects material into the cavity by specifying either a filling time, an injection flow rate, or a flow rate profile in the Fill Settings PropertyManager.

Fill Analysis Steps

1 Define the process parameters:
  • Fill time and flow rate profile
  • Injection pressure and clamp force limits
  • Melt and cool temperatures
  • Fill/Pack switch-over point

CAD geometry of a part
2 Create the mesh and select materials

Sectional view of a solid mesh

3 Run the analysis

Result plot of a flow front with air traps