Warp Module

The Warp analysis module predicts the final shape and dimensions of the part, as well as the de-molding residual stresses, after the part has fully cooled.

The Warp module uses residual stress results from the Fill and Pack modules. Unlike the finite volume flow analysis used in Fill and Pack, the Warp analysis is based on the finite element method. The Warp analysis considers the plastic part as a linear elastic body that can sustain small deformations.

You can exclude gates and runners from Warp to focus only on the trimmed cavity part. The Warp module automatically excludes the mold, cooling channels, and filled hot runners.

After running a Warp analysis, you can display the deformed shape of the part with a scale factor to emphasize the effects of the deformation. You can also view displacement results in the X-, Y-, or Z- direction, or define a reference location or reference plane that is used as the baseline to measure deformation.

Warp Analysis Steps

1 Define the process parameters:
  • Ambient temperature
  • Gravity direction

CAD geometry of a part
2 Create the mesh and select materials

Surface mesh

3 Run the analysis

Result plot of total displacement showing deformed geometry

An alternative way to compute warpage is to export the part to SOLIDWORKS Simulation together with the de-mold residual stress results. You can export the deformed part shape as a SOLIDWORKS part body or as tessellated surfaces.