SOLIDWORKS PDM searches help you locate files, folders, and metadata like users and items in the vault.

There are two search methods:

  • Embedded searches let you search for files and folders from within Windows File Explorer and standard file-based dialog boxes such as Open and Save As.

    An embedded search opens directly in Windows File Explorer. This search is applicable to SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard vault as well as SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional vault.

  • The SOLIDWORKS PDM Search tool lets you search for non-file data for users and items, as well as for files and folders. This search is applicable only to the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professionalvault.

    It opens in a separate window.

Both search types are based on search cards. SOLIDWORKS PDM provides preconfigured search cards and your administrator may create custom search cards.

The searches available to you depend on how SOLIDWORKS PDM is installed, how the vaults you access were created, your permissions, and whether your administrator has created additional search cards.

Most users have access to:
  • Complete Search

    Returns a list of files and folders based on search criteria you enter.

  • Show Users (For SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only)

    Searches vault meta data to return information about users.

In SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, if Item Explorer is installed and Items are enabled for the vault, you can also access vault meta data using:
  • Item Complete Search
  • Item Property Search
  • Item Quick Search

In SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional vaults, with either search method, you can store search criteria and results as Favorites.