Web2 Client

The Web2 client is a Web client that lets users connect to a SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional vault from most devices with an internet browser. Web2 client is beneficial for external and internal users who are not connected to their office network or have an unsupported operating system.

Access to Web2 is included with SOLIDWORKS PDM using either a Web or a Viewer license.

The Web2 client has two user interface layouts. On desktop and laptop computers, it uses a large screen layout. On tablets, mobile phones, and other small devices, it uses a layout designed for a small screen.

The Web license comes with each CAD Editor, Contributor, or PSL license. You can dynamically preview SOLIDWORKS files in the following supported browsers without loading plug-ins:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
Microsoft Edge 92
Google® Chrome™ 92
Mozilla® Firefox® 78.12 (ESR channel)
Apple® Safari® 14.1

The preview quality for other common file types is more like viewing the file in its native application.

Web2 client lets users connect to a SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional vault from a mobile digital device such as an iPhone. This lets users browse folders, view file information and thumbnails, search, and change file states.

Some advantages of Web2 client are:
  • Viewing capabilities for many file types such as PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Browser independence
  • No client installation requirements
  • Transition action support such as setting revision variables
Other capabilities include:
  • Quick searching and viewing of vault data.
  • A mobile version for small hand held devices like smartphones.
  • The ability to preview multiple file types.
  • Thumbnail previews of SOLIDWORKS files when accessed via the mobile version.
  • The ability to open SOLIDWORKS files with the eDrawings application for iPhone, iPad, and Android.
  • Contains and Where Used information.
  • State change capabilities.
  • Editing capabilities.