Tasks (For SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only)

If you have permission, you can use administrator-defined tasks to convert or print SOLIDWORKS files from SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer. You can also validate SOLIDWORKS document designs.

Administrators use the Task feature in the Administration tool to configure, run, and monitor tasks that team members perform frequently on SOLIDWORKS PDM files. Tasks your administrator can configure include:

Convert Files

Converts files to specified format.

Design Checker

Validates selected SOLIDWORKS documents in the vault using standards created in the SOLIDWORKS Design Checker add-in.

Print Files

Prints files according to options you specify.

For details about completing task. Click Help in the Task dialog boxes.

The task help appears in English for the following languages: Czech, Korean, Polish, traditional Chinese.

If your administrator has configured one or more of these tasks, you can initiate them by selecting files, right-clicking, and clicking Tasks > task_name.

Your administrator might have chosen different names for these tasks.

How you use a task depends on how your administrator configures it. To configure tasks, administrators:

  • Name the command that appears in the menu

    By default, the commands Convert Files, Design Checker, and Print Files are grouped under a Tasks submenu. You might see additional or differently named commands.

  • Assign permissions

    Task commands are only visible if you have permission to initiate the tasks.

  • Specify task defaults such as conversion and printing settings.
  • Specify which default settings you can change

    Settings you can edit are shown in the task's dialog box.

  • Select users or groups to be notified when a conversion or print task succeeds or fails.

    Notifications appear in your SOLIDWORKS PDM Inbox.

  • Specify whether a task input card is displayed when you start the task