Convert View to Sketch PropertyManager

You can convert a drawing view to sketch entities or a block of sketch entities using the Convert View to Sketch PropertyManager.

To open this PropertyManager:

In a drawing view, right-click and click Convert View to Sketch.

Display State

Replace view with sketch
Replaces the drawing view with the equivalent 2D sketch entities.
Original drawing view wn-original-drawing-view.png
Equivalent 2D sketch entities wn-original-drawing-view-block1.png
Replace view with block
Replaces the drawing view with the equivalent 2D sketch entities that are grouped in a block.
Original drawing view wn-original-drawing-view-dims.png
Block with equivalent 2D sketch entities
Insert as a block
Creates a separate block comprised of equivalent 2D sketch entities that you can place anywhere in the drawing.
In this example, the block on the right is added to the drawing view, rather than replacing the drawing view on the left.

Insertion Point

Available when you select either Replace view with block or Insert as a block.

Inserts a point manipulator and leader in the graphics area that you can drag independently to position the block.