Performance Evaluation - Drawings

You can generate a report that examines a drawing for performance issues, and lists rebuild times for drawing elements such as drawing views, sketch entities, and referenced files. You can use this report to determine which elements take longer to load and rebuild.

To generate a performance evaluation report:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • In a drawing document, click Performance Evaluation (Evaluate tab or Tools toolbar) or Tools > Evaluate > Performance Evaluation.
    • In the Drawing Open Progress indicator dialog box (available if the drawing takes longer than 60 seconds to open), click Performance Evaluation.
    The Performance Evaluation dialog box opens and provides this information:
    Drawing Statistics Reports the number and type of drawing sheets, views, and annotations. Click to expand Drawing Statistics and then click View Statistics.
    Open and Rebuild Times Reports File open time and Total rebuild time. In addition, reports rebuild time details for drawing elements that contribute a significant amount to the total rebuild time.
  2. Optional: To copy information from Drawing Statistics and Open and Rebuild Times, click Copy to Clipboard.