Multiple Views PropertyManager

To set properties common to multiple drawing views:

  1. Select multiple drawing views in the graphics area.
  2. In the PropertyManager, set the properties described below and click .

Display Style

Click a display style.

Select High quality or Draft quality to set the display quality of the model.


Select a scale for the drawing view.

Dimension Type

Select Projected or True dimensions.

Cosmetic Thread Display

The following settings override the Cosmetic thread display option in Tools > Options > Document Properties > Detailing, if there are cosmetic threads in the drawing view.

High quality Displays precise line fonts and trimming in cosmetic threads. If a cosmetic thread is only partially visible, High quality shows only the visible portion (it shows precisely what is visible and what is invisible.)
System performance is slower with High quality cosmetic threads. It is recommended that you clear this option until you finish placing all annotations.
Draft quality Displays cosmetic threads with less detail. If a cosmetic thread is only partially visible, Draft quality shows the entire feature.

Automatic View Update

Exclude from automatic update Excludes the selected drawing views from automatic updates that occur if the drawing is open, Automatic view update is selected, and you save changes to the model.