System Options - Messages/Errors/Warnings

You can control whether certain warning messages are displayed.

Click Tools > Options > System Options > Messages/Errors/Warnings.


Remind me when a document has not been saved for n minutes Activates the save notification and defines the number of minutes that elapse before the save notification message appears.
Automatically dismiss notifications after n seconds Controls how long the save notification displays.

Rebuild Errors

When rebuild error occurs Controls the action at the first rebuild error.


Allows you to fix the model before rebuilding.

Feature error explanations appear when you hover the pointer over a feature in the FeatureManager design tree.


Continues to rebuild the model with the error without prompting.


Prompts you to continue rebuilding or to stop when an error occurs.

Show Whats Wrong for every rebuild Displays the What's Wrong dialog box every time you rebuild the model. If cleared, the dialog box appears only once.
Warn me when saving documents with rebuild errors Displays the What's Wrong dialog box when you save a document with rebuild errors, and gives you the opportunity to fix the errors before saving the document.

FeatureManager tree

Display FeatureManager tree warnings Select one of the following:



All but top level

Warnings appear at feature and mate group level, but not at the top level.

This option applies to warnings only. Errors are always displayed.
Treat missing mate references as errors When enabled, if a mate is missing a reference (for example, because of a deleted or modified part), an error appears in the FeatureManager design tree and the mate that is missing the reference is suppressed.

When disabled, the mate with the missing reference is suppressed without showing an error.


Automatically dismiss reference and update messages after n seconds Sets reference/update dialog boxes to automatically dismiss after the selected number of seconds when opening assemblies. You can later view the dismissed dialog boxes in an Open Summary Report. See Opening Large Assemblies.

Circular references

Display circular references in equations Select one of the following:


In equation dialog only


Display potential circular references in equations Select one of the following:


In equation dialog only


System Notifications

These appear in the Windows task bar.

Hide graphics card/driver notifications Hides SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor notifications about your graphics card or driver.
Click Reset to restore factory defaults for all system options or only for options on this page.