FeatureManager Options

To specify the FeatureManager design tree options:

Click Options (Standard toolbar) or Tools > Options and select FeatureManager.

Click Reset to restore defaults for all system options or only for options on this page.
Scroll selected item into view Automatically scrolls the FeatureManager design tree to display features corresponding to items selected in the graphics area.
For complex parts and assemblies, clear this option. To scroll to a feature, you can right-click the feature in the graphics area and click Go To Feature (in Tree).
Name feature on creation Automatically selects the feature to enter a name when you create a feature.
Arrow key navigation With the pointer in the FeatureManager design tree, navigates with arrow keys.
Dynamic highlight Highlights the geometry in the graphics area (edges, faces, planes, and axes) when the pointer passes over the item in the FeatureManager design tree.
Use transparent flyout FeatureManager tree in parts/assemblies Shows the flyout design tree as transparent. When cleared, the flyout design tree is not transparent.
Transparent flyout FeatureManager design tree:

Opaque flyout FeatureManager design tree:

Enable FeatureManager tree filter Displays a box at the top of the FeatureManager design tree where you can enter text to filter.
Allow component files to be renamed from FeatureManager tree Change file names of components directly from the FeatureManager design tree.
If you select this option and you cannot clear it, you renamed one or more components but did not save the files. You need to do one of the following:
  • Save the assembly, which saves the renamed files with their new names.
  • Close the assembly without saving, which discards all changes made since the last save.
Enable preview of hidden components Shows previews when you select hidden components.

The previews can cause performance issues in large assemblies, especially when previewing complex components.

Edit name with slow double click Renames items by using click-pause-click on items. When cleared, you can rename items by selecting an item and pressing F2.
Show translated feature names in FeatureManager tree Displays features names in a selected language in the FeatureManager design tree.


Automatically add timestamp to comments Adds a time stamp automatically to comments.
Show Comments in PropertyManager Displays the comments in a PropertyManager when you edit the feature.

Hide/show tree items

Folders Controls the display of the FeatureManager design tree folders and tools. Choose from:


Displays the item if present. Otherwise, the item is hidden.


Always hides the item.


Always shows the item.

To change these settings, you can display the FeatureManager Options by right-clicking in the FeatureManager design tree and selecting Hide/Show Tree Items.
FeatureManager design tree folders and tools:
Blocks Equations
Design Binder Material
Annotations Default Planes
Solid Bodies Origin
Surface Bodies Mate References
Tables Design Table
Favorites Sensors
eDrawing Markups History
Selection Sets Graphic Bodies