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Revision Scheme

On the VaultAdmin Revision Scheme tab, define the structure of revision designations for all documents in the vault. Enable control of revision tables in SOLIDWORKS drawings on the VaultAdmin Revision Table tab.

Workgroup PDM provides a default revision scheme.
Primary Separator Secondary Separator Tertiary Working copy
Range   Range     character
A-Z - (minus sign) 01-99     + (plus sign)
A colored background in the boxes indicates active settings.

Only uppercase letters are allowed for revision letters.

The symbols * \ / : ? " < > are not allowed in any part of a revision name. The restricted symbols are the characters that are not allowed in Windows file names. The period (.) is allowed as a separator, but not in any other field of a revision scheme.

Spaces can appear in list items (In Work, for example) and as a separator, but not as a Working copy. Blank list items are not allowed.

Example Revision Scheme

This example shows a scheme using all of the available revision levels in Workgroup PDM.

  • The vault retains a copy of every revision except for Working copy revisions. Check-ins of Working copy revisions are recorded on the History tab of Document Information.
  • Documents can only go forward in a revision scheme (for example, from A to B), never backward (for example, from DEV to PRE in the Primary listing above).
  • You can change a revision scheme at any point. Documents already in the Vault are not affected. Documents checked in subsequently go forward using the new revision scheme.

To specify a reision scheme:

Choose from the selections described below, then click Apply.

Revision information

You are not required to set all of the revision levels.

Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Select Range or Listing and choose options as follows:


To use a range, select Range and set the From and To boxes to the range of letters or numbers.

The matching From and To columns in a range must be the same type (that is, alphabetic or numeric). The difference between the From and To values must be positive. For example, an alphabetic range can be from A to Z but not from A to A or from B to A. When you set a range of numbers, the beginning and ending values must have the same number of digits. For example, for a range of 1 to 99, type 01 and 99.


To use a list, select Listing and type a listing label (such as Development, Release Candidate, and so on).

If the range is not sequential (such as X, A, B, C), use Listing. For a long listing, create the list in a word processor such as Notepad, then copy and paste the list into the Workgroup PDM Listing box.

Separator Type a Separator, such as a dash (-), to distinguish between the Primary and Secondary schemes, and the Secondary and Tertiary schemes. If you do not specify a separator, the revision numbers are adjacent; for example, A9.
Working copy Type a character to distinguish the Working copy document.

Check Boxes

You can select one (but not both) of the following options.

Sequential revisioning Cycle through revisions rather than combining them to make a single revision. For example, without sequential revisioning, a Primary range of A-Z and a Secondary range of 1-9 produces revisions A1, A2, A3, up to Z9. With sequential revisioning, the revisions are A, B, C, up to Z, followed by 1 to 9. Any separators that you defined are not used.
Last revision type optional Allow users to omit the last revision type. For instance, if you set the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary levels, users are not required to use the Tertiary level. A sequence could be: A1a, A1b, A1c, A2, A2a, A2b, A2c, A3, and so on.

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