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Standard Libraries

On the VaultAdmin Standard Libraries tab, you can add, modify, or delete the folders that store SOLIDWORKS Toolbox or Standard Library documents. The folders can include any non-managed data, such as library features and smart content. For each folder, specify a display name to appear as folder in the vault view.

The vault administrator controls whether documents in the folders specified on the Standard Libraries tab can be checked in to the vault, and whether clients are allowed to delete local copies (see Standard Library revision management options below).

If a part is not immediately recognized as a SOLIDWORKS Toolbox part, SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM asks the following questions:

  1. Is the part folder specified as a Standard Library in the VaultAdmin? If so, is it the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox folder?

    Any folder in the Standard Libraries list that has SOLIDWORKS Toolbox structure is considered a SOLIDWORKS Toolbox folder. However, only one folder is recognized as the Toolbox folder. An error message appears if you attempt to designate more than one folder as the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox folder.

  2. Is the part flagged as a SOLIDWORKS Toolbox part?

    Any document marked with a flag in the file as Toolbox is considered a SOLIDWORKS Toolbox document. SOLIDWORKS Toolbox parts are automatically flagged beginning with SOLIDWORKS Toolbox 2004.

  3. Does the part folder name contain SOLIDWORKS Data or Toolbox?

    Any folder that has \Toolbox\ or \SOLIDWORKS Data\ in its name is considered a SOLIDWORKS Toolbox folder.

If revision control for SOLIDWORKS Toolbox or Standard Library documents is not required, users should use documents from a common directory, eliminating the need to check in the documents.

Additional Toolbox and Standard Library root level folders

To add a Toolbox or Standard Library folder:

  1. Under Additional Toolbox and Standard Library root level folders, click Add.
  2. In the Add New Folder dialog box, type a Display name, type or browse to a Path, then click OK.
  3. Click Apply.

To modify the name of a Toolbox folder:

  1. Under Additional Toolbox and Standard Library root level folders, select a folder name and click Modify Folder.
  2. In the Modify Folder dialog box, edit or browse to a new path and folder name in New folder, then click OK.
    Editing in this dialog box does not change folder names in Windows.
  3. Click Apply.

To delete a folder, select it in the list and click Delete.

Standard Library revision management options

Disable check in of documents

Documents identified as not revision managed cannot be checked into a vault. To allow viewing of the documents in a project other than the project from which they are referenced, select Display referenced files in a separate project.

Allow check in of documents

Documents identified as standard library documents can be checked into a vault.

With this option enabled, the administrator can delete documents that are not revision managed from a standard library, This prevents users from checking a standard document into the wrong project.

To allow local copies to be deleted, select Allow delete local copy on check in.

Local copies of documents that are open in applications other than SOLIDWORKS are not deleted.

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