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Vault Management

Use the Vault management tab to manage the Workgroup PDM vault service without having to open the Microsoft Management Console.

Vault information

Vault Information provides read-only information about:

Vault computer The computer where the vault resides.
Root directory The vault folder. Projects and folders for deleted files and projects, administration files, and so on appear underneath this directory. Log files appear in the root directory.
Change Change the vault root directory.

On vault startup

Validate vault SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM goes through each project in the vault to make sure every document is valid. Choose to go through the procedure at:

Next startup

The option to Validate vault is cleared after the next successful validation.

Every startup

The vault is validated at every installation and upgrade without regard to the option settings.


The Service section lets you stop or start the SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM Server service without opening the Microsoft Management console.
Status Indicates whether the service is started or stopped.
Memory Usage Amount of memory used by the Workgroup PDM Server service.
Start Starts the Workgroup PDM Server service if it is stopped.

When you start the server from the Vault Management tab, the VaultAdmin tool closes and returns you to the login dialog box.

Stop Stops the Workgroup PDM Server service if it is running.

When you stop the server, you can perform other tasks on the Vault Management tab, such as saving the SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM Server log file. However, you cannot access any other tabs in the VaultAdmin tool.

On next startup

Use the options in this section to rebuild the vault now or the next time the vault service is started.

Rebuild vault Rebuilds the vault the next time the vault service is started.
Rename log Saves and clears the vault log file. A new log is created for the rebuild process, named using the date and time of the rebuild. The log contains changes made as part of the rebuild.
Refresh latest folders Applies the Global setting Keep extra copy of latest files.
Rebuild catalog Removes the existing Microsoft Indexing Service catalog and creates a new one.
With large vaults, rebuilding the catalog can take a long time.
Rebuild Now Rebuilds the vault immediately.

Vault Log

A log file helps administrators troubleshoot problems and saves information that can be reported to Technical Support.

The size and age of the vault log are shown.


Save a log file to a specified location. The logs can be opened in any text editor, such as Notepad.


Erase a log file. The file accumulates data from that point on.

To prevent vault activity while you save or clear a log file, lock the vault or stop the service.

If you forget to unlock the vault, SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM automatically unlocks it when you log out of the VaultAdmin.

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