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Vault Settings

On the Vault Settings tab in the VaultAdmin, administrators grant administrative privileges and specify global vault settings.

Vault information

Vault Information provides read-only information about:

Vault computer The computer where the vault resides.
License type Normal or SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM Viewer.
Change License Change the SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM vault license key.

Global settings

Global settings apply to all users and administrators.

Keep extra copy of latest files Inserts a copy of the most recent version of a document in a folder called Latest, which is located in the project folder. This keeps a copy of the document in the vault in case the primary copy is corrupted. Clear this check box to save disk space in the vault.
Copying documents takes longer when this setting is selected.
Hide projects with no access Hides projects in the vault view from users who have no access to the projects. Otherwise, the projects appear with a transparent icon and gray text.
Force user login Requires users to log in to the client. Users cannot save their passwords.
Allow revision bumping Allows users to increment a document revision without opening the document.
When users bump the revision of a drawing document, the information is entered into the document properties and also appears in the drawing's title block and revision table.
Allow latest revision overwrite Allows users to check in a document with the same revision level as the document in the vault, overwriting the document in the vault.
Allow change document properties Allows users to change document properties in SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM. If cleared, users can still change document properties in the original application (SOLIDWORKS, Microsoft Word, and so on). You must check this option for clients to be able to increment document revisions by bumping.
Allow users to create subprojects Allows users to create subprojects under projects to which they have write access. If cleared, only administrators can create subprojects.
Don't allow read-only users to open docs in SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM Viewer Users with read-only permission in SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM Viewer can view documents in eDrawings®, but not save them. Documents associated with other applications such as Microsoft Office cannot be opened.
.prt/.asm/.drw extensions not associated with SOLIDWORKS The extensions can be associated with non-SOLIDWORKS documents. CADKey files, for example, are not treated as SOLIDWORKS files.
Allow attachments to documents owned by other users See Attachments.
Set filesystem read-only attribute if not owner When users open documents from the vault and SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM copies the documents to the local drive, the local copy is marked Read-Only in Windows. Users should not check such documents back into the vault.
Allow users to rename documents in the Vault Users should remove all local copies of documents before renaming copies in the vault so that documents with old names are not checked in to the vault.
Enable performance email The vault service looks for opportunities and may email the performance log generated by SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM to SOLIDWORKS Corporation.
Bind ownership to SOLIDWORKS read-write/read-only access Available beginning with SOLIDWORKS 2005. SOLIDWORKS read/write access is bound to SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM ownership. See Multi-user Environment.
Skip drawings validation during check in Allows you to check in drawings without prior validation in the SOLIDWORKS software.
In drawings where views or annotations are out-of-date or are about to change upon check in, the drawing in the vault will not be up-to-date. For example, title block text that is linked to a revision custom property will be incorrect.
Create PDF files in the Vault on normal check-in of SOLIDWORKS drawings When a client checks a drawing in to the vault, a PDF file of the same name is automatically created for the drawing. See Generating PDF Files for SOLIDWORKS Drawings.


All user and group accounts set as defaults or created on the Users and Groups tab are listed. A single head indicates a user, and a double head group.gif indicates a group. To grant administrative privileges to a user or a group, select the check box next to the name.

Administrators can access the VaultAdmin to create users and projects, set revision and lifecycle structures, and establish global settings that affect all users.

  • At least one administrator must be selected at any given time.
  • All users with administrative privileges are equal, so any administrator can remove the privileges of the other administrators.
  • Administrators cannot remove administrative privileges from themselves.

Vault Lock

The vault is locked automatically during Convert SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM Files operations in the SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler.
Unlocked Normal operation (clients can check documents in and out of the vault, and so on).
Unlocked for Select one user, normally the vault administrator, who can archive documents, bulk load documents, and so on.
Locked Prevents all vault activity so the administrator can manage log files, backups, and so on. Alternatively, you can stop the service.
Clients are prevented from logging in when the vault is locked. If clients are already logged in when the administrator locks the vault, they remain logged in but are prevented from executing any commands in the vault (Check In, Document Information, Add Note, and so on).

Viewing with eDrawings

Administrators can allow clients to use the following eDrawings Professional tools in SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM even if they do not have an eDrawings Professional license.

  • Allow markup
  • Allow measure
  • Allow save

The eDrawings Dimension and Measure tools in SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM follow these rules:

  • If Markup and Measure are allowed, Dimension is enabled and values are visible when you use Dimension.
  • If Markup is allowed but Measure is not, Dimension is enabled but values are not visible when you use Dimension.
  • If Markup is not allowed but Measure is, Dimension is not enabled but you can use Measure.
  • If neither Markup nor Measure is allowed, then neither Dimension nor Measure is enabled.

Delete, Rollback, Archive Documents

Determines who is allowed to delete documents and roll back and archive revisions from the vault.

No one

Neither administrators nor users.

Administrators only

Only administrators (designated in Administrators above).

All users

Any user or administrator.

You can delete any document, even if it is referenced by another document.

If you select Administrators only, but you want users to be able to remove documents from their projects, create a new project (for example, Trash), where users can move unused documents. The vault administrator can periodically delete the documents from the project.


The About box displays information about the SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM release. Click Update to update the VaultAdmin to a more recent version.

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