Welcome to SOLIDWORKS 2017

SOLIDWORKS® 2017 delivers many enhancements and improvements, most created in direct response to customer requests. This release focuses on helping you get your work done faster and more easily than ever before by enabling you to:
  • Design. Drive innovation with precise, advanced modeling capabilities. Work faster with more control and less overhead.

  • Validate. Solve complex problems and validate your designs with confidence and ease. Increase productivity while gaining greater insights into design performance.
  • Collaborate. Accelerate new product innovation with efficient content sharing across the complete supply chain. Leverage existing content and engage all team members more effectively.
  • Build. Implement a fully integrated model-based manufacturing strategy. Use your 3D CAD models, including dimensions, tolerances, annotations, tables, and electrical information to create all your manufacturing deliverables.
  • Manage. Execute a multi-disciplinary product data management workflow. Collect and manage all design data across your entire enterprise.