Align Grid/Origin PropertyManager

By default, the origin of a block is aligned to the orientation of the sketch entity. Use Align Grid/Origin to re-orient the coordinate system of a sketch or block if they are not in the desired orientation.

Example of block origin orientation
align_grid-origin01.gif align_grid-origin02.gif
Sketch origin Block origins

You can change the origin location and orientation for blocks and sketches that are sketched on the face of a model or on planes.

To display this PropertyManager:

In a sketch, click Tools > Sketch Tools > Align > Align Grid/Origin.


Sketch Origin Location Select a vertex or a point.
  X-axis or Y-axis Select a linear sketch entity.
PM_flip_radiate_direction.gif   Click to flip the origin's orientation 180°.
  Relocate origin Only moves the origin's location.
  Relocate all sketch entities Move the sketch's location based on relocating:
  • Only the sketch origin
  • Only the X-axis or the Y-axis
  • Both the sketch origin and either the X-axis or the Y-axis
Example of Relocate all sketch entities:
sketch_origin_relocate_sketch01.gif sketch_origin_relocate_sketch02.gif
Original sketch origin Relocated sketch origin
sketch_origin_relocate_sketch03.gif sketch_origin_relocate_sketch04.gif
Selected X-axis Relocated sketch entities (new origin and axis)