Make Path

Use the Make Path tool to create machine design layout sketches. For example, you can model cam profiles where the tangent relation between the cam and a follower automatically transitions as the cam rotates. A path enables you to create a tangent relation between a chain of sketch entities and another sketch entity.

Video: Cam Follower

A path is made up of sketch entities that are coincident end-to-end, forming a single chain. Making the sketch entities into a block is advisable, but is not a prerequisite. You can edit paths in the Path Properties PropertyManager. A chain of sketch entities can belong to only one path.

Once you have created a path, all the sketch entities in the path are selected simultaneously. To select an individual sketch entity in the path, right-click and choose Select Other.

You can also set a path length dimension. You can set the dimension to be a driving dimension, so that when you drag the entities, the path length resizes consistently. You can reference this dimension in custom properties, configurations, equations, or tables, including design tables and BOMs.