System Options Assessments

You can assess your network computers against a baseline of selected SOLIDWORKS system options.

You can set a baseline for the following SOLIDWORKS system options for your network:
  • Performance
  • Assemblies
  • External References
  • Default Templates
  • File Locations
  • Hole Wizard
  • Dismissed Messages

The system options for any account on your network are tested against those of the baseline account you select.

Assigning the System Options Baseline

The CAD Admin Dashboard compares system options of SOLIDWORKS software users in your network to those of a baseline machine.

To set the baseline machine for system options in the CAD Admin Dashboard:

  1. Select a row for the target machine account from the main CAD Admin Dashboard.
  2. At the right end of the account row, click Set System Options Baseline to this Account benchmark.png.
    The baseline is defined by the system options that are in effect on the selected account machine at the time that you select the account.