Setting Status Flags

For a set of conditions that you select, flags redflag.gif appear in the Status column of the CAD Admin Dashboard. You can set flags to monitor conditions that require your attention.

To set a status flag:

  1. From the CAD Admin Dashboard, click Set Red Flag Options reflagoptions.png.
  2. Select one or more options:
    Option Description
    Graphics driver is not supported  
    Normal session percentage is less than Displays a flag when the percentage of active sessions that are considered normal is less than the value you enter.
    System options do not match the baseline Displays a flag when the account system options don't match the baseline.
    Rx benchmark time is greater than the company average Displays a flag when system performance time exceeds the average time for the benchmark you set in SOLIDWORKS Rx.
  3. Click Submit.
    A flag redflag.gif appears under the Status column for each account that violates a flagged condition.