Monitoring Performance Against a Benchmark

For each account, you can monitor SOLIDWORKS performance in your network against a SOLIDWORKS Rx benchmark.

To monitor SOLIDWORKS performance of a machine in your network against SOLIDWORKS user benchmarks:

  1. Benchmark the account computer, and share the results with the SOLIDWORKS Share your Scores site.

    For details, see Benchmarking Your Hardware.

  2. From the CAD Admin Dashboard, under Rx Benchmark click an account for a benchmarked machine.
    The overall performance scores against SOLIDWORKS benchmarks for each benchmarked account appears in the Rx Benchmark column.
  3. Under Details for the account, click the Rx Benchmark tab.
    Rx benchmark details appear for each benchmarked account.


    Each column represents a benchmarked account. The benchmark details are color-coded by type, to distinguish the benchmark performance times for CPU, graphics, and file import.

  4. To hide or show benchmark details for CPU, graphics, or file import, click an item in the legend:
    Option Description
    CPU benchmarklegendcpugreen.gif Toggles the display of CPU benchmark details.
    Graphics benchmarklegendgraphicsblue.gif Toggles the display of graphics benchmark details.
    IO benchmarklegend90red.gif Toggles the display of file import benchmark details.