Monitoring Session Statistics

To better understand performance in your network, for each account in your network, you can monitor session length over time.

To monitor session length history for an account:

  1. From the CAD Admin Dashboard, review the account sessions information under the Session Details column, and select an account to monitor.
    You can view a summary of the session details for an account when you hover the pointer over the colored strips:
    • Hover the pointer over a blue sessionsadminblue.gif strip to view the number of sessions terminated normally by the account user.
    • Hover the pointer over an auburn sessionsadminauburn.gif strip to view the number of sessions terminated unexpectedly.
    • Hover the pointer over an orange sessionsadminorange.gif strip to view the number of sessions killed by the account user.
  2. In the lower half of the CAD Admin Dashboard, in the Details section, click the Session Details tab.
    The session history for the selected account appears.


    Each column of color represents a SOLIDWORKS software session of the selected account. The height of the column indicates the duration (in hours) of the session.
    Sessions that appear empty have a duration that is too short to display in the time scale of the chart.