Assembly Constraints PropertyManager

Constraint Filters

Use the constraint filters to hide or show the constraint types.

coincident.png Button Coincident  
concentric.png Button Concentric  
dim_lin_horiz.png Button Distance  
tangent.png Button Tangent  
  Show Patterns Shows pattern constraints. When cleared, the constraints for each instance in the pattern are displayed.
Show Patterns selected Show Patterns cleared
  Use Smart Filter Hides constraints that are not within close proximity to the considered feature.
  • The plug is assembled to the box.

  • Smart Filter selected. Only the options to the near side hole appear for bosses B3 and B4.

  • Smart Filter cleared. The two boss features of the plug are given concentric constraints for both the near and far side hole of the box.

Tolerance Assembly

Lists parts and their constraint status.

The part requires a constraint.
PM_Constrained.gif The part has one constraint minimum.


Lists details about the constraints applied per part.

Supported Constraint Pairs

  Boss Cone Hole* Intersect line Notch Plane Slot Width
Boss X X X - - - X X
Cone X X X - X - X X
Hole* X X X - X - X X
Intersect line - - - X - X - -
Notch - X X - X - X X
Plane - - - X - X - -
Slot - X X - X - X X
Width - X X - X - X X
You can apply constraints between patterns of holes*, notches, or slots.

*: Hole includes Cylinder, Counterbore, Countersink, and Simple Holes


X: Supported

-: Not supported or not applicable