Stereo rendering computes two images at the same time, one for the left eye and one for the right eye.

To use Stereo rendering:

  1. On the Palette, on the Cameras tab, on the General subtab, for Type, select Perspective or 360.
  2. On the Stereo subtab, for Mode, select Stereo Two-Up or Stereo Anaglyph.

Perspective and 360 camera projection types support stereo rendering. SOLIDWORKS Visualize provides two modes to display the left and right eye images.

Stereo Two-Up Mode

Stereo Two-Up Mode displays both images at the same time. The left image is on top; the right image is on the bottom.

Stereo Anaglyph Mode

Stereo Anaglyph Mode overlays the two images using color filters (chromatically opposite colors red and cyan) to produce 3D images that you can view using inexpensive red/cyan stereo glasses. In addition, it helps to see the stereo parallax effect. In this example, the zero parallax or focal point is set on the wine bottle in the center of the image.

Other Stereo Parameters

You can control the intensity of the stereo effect using the Eye Separation and Focal Distance parameters. The Focal Distance (distance from camera position in viewing direction) defines the zero parallax or point of convergence between the left and right images for a given Eye Separation. Click Pick and select an object in the 3D viewport using the crosshairs cursor to specify the Focal Distance.